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Welcome to My Website
and to my Counselling Practice

This may be a first stage on a journey of self-discovery or of relating to different aspects of life in a somewhat different way.

Living in our fast Western World may at times be overwhelming and hectic and from time to time we may all loose a sense of self or our direction and place in life.

Taking the first steps in therapy might bring a new phase and a unique working relationship which can provide us with a type of support and a reflection
which we often lack or miss. In a peaceful and supportive space.

I work with adults on face-to-face basis.

In the first session we explore what brought you to counselling, your hopes and expectations. It is a time to ask questions you may have and for me to explain how I work.

I understand that the first meeting could be an anxious occasion, therefore you would be welcome to contact me again with any further questions afterwards.

We start to work together when you feel ready.

  • As a counsellor I try to create calm non-judgmental space were you feel relaxed and free to speak of whatever concerns you may have and may impact upon yours you inner and outer world .We shall look at your past experiences right up to your present life while focusing on you as the client and trying to relate to the World in different ways.

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